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2004 August 15


[15 August 2004] SequelGuy
I've just finished uploading the files for the next release. Beta R2 is now available. See my previous entry for a description of what that includes. Go download it now.

[15 August 2004] SequelGuy
My new plan for releases. The next release will be beta R2 and will include all of the changes to the View3D that I've been talking about as well as a few more and the other style of gameplay. The release following that will be production R3. It will include bug fixes, ensure everything works correctly under Linux and Mac OS, and will include general niceties like simple vs advanced layout dialog, disabling menu items, and anything else like that that I think of.

[22 May 2004] SequelGuy
I've made some good changes to the View3D. I ditched my old one and started fresh this time. There are a number of improvements including the "memory leak" being fixed, reduced memory burn, and auto selection of the viewed dimensions just like the View2D. I'm not sure when my next release will come.

[20 May 2004] SequelGuy
Its been a while since I've worked on this game. The project now builds using ant. I've made several small updates to the code itself.

[19 May 2003] SequelGuy
Our second release is now available. Sound was added. There is now animation when blocks are removed. The 3D view was improved but its still not especially great and has at least one large bug. Changes to the key bindings and view configurations are saved. The view configuration system was rewritten. Now, additional view types can be easily added to Polytope Tetris. I'd like to prepare a document describing how to write your own views for Polytope Tetris at some point.

[11 May 2003] SequelGuy
Our first release is finally available.

[10 May 2003] SequelGuy
Jon and I have fixed up many of the outstanding bugs and implemented some of the features we felt we're absolutely necessary before the application could be considered playable to any degree. I plan on having an alpha release tomorrow. There will be a 3D view that you can try out, but much more work needs to be put into it before it can be considered complete.

[2 May 2003] SequelGuy
The last entry may have been a little optimistic. I did get to work on the project a bit just after the previous post, but following that all activity on the project stopped once again. I've begun working on it the past few days though, fixing bugs and generally figuring out what needs to be done before an initial release is possible. Right now I want to fix the GUI, create a better looking 2D view, and fix two small bugs in the GameSpace. It looks like the initial release will allow for one style of gameplay and 2D views of the gamespace.

[25 March 2003] SequelGuy
There's nothing too new to report other than this project is not dead. With finals finally finished I have time to work on the project again. Another developer has joined the project who may work on the actual view of the game space -- certainly an important aspect of the game. After the view is created, basic functionality requirements will have been met and an initial release will be made available.

[10 February 2003] SequelGuy
Both Jon and myself worked on the project over the weekend. Progress is slow since we both have many other things to do. There is, however, some code in CVS that you can try out, if you don't mind a poor textual interface.

[6 February 2003] SequelGuy
I worked some on the web page and committed the first of the code to the CVS repository.

[5 February 2003] SequelGuy
This project is still in an early stage. Actual code will be available soon.